Our company develops 3 to 6 new training areas a year, either regarding entire vehicles (MONOGRAPH) or specific systems installed in vehicles. In order to meet the expectations of our customers, our training personnel includes coaches with long professional experience in the industry and in technical training sessions, with additional third party coaches. The training services are provided in our Training Center in Sosnowiec or in training facilities in the following locations:

• Rzeszów

• Legnica

• Warszawa

• Gdańsk

• Olsztyn

We provide training in any place in Poland for groups of over a dozen.

Training 1

For additional information, please visit our website at,48,3,0 or call us at +48 +602 430 632 Under the act of 15 May 2015 on the substance depleting the ozone layer and some fluorinated greenhouse gases, each person working the repair shop dealing with car air conditioning systems must have proper authorisations for working with fluorinated gases and substances depleting the ozone layer. The lack of appropriate authorisations displayed by persons working with car air conditioning systems will involve severe penalties of tens of thousands of Złotys. Magneti Marelli sp. z o.o. was entered into the register of companies authorised to issue certificates of training and to provide certification training for persons involved in the repair, maintenance and service of car air conditioning systems, refrigeration equipment, air conditioners and heat pumps.,48,3,0 or call us at 602 430 632


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 Information about training in Ukraine

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