The Magneti Marelli app - "MM Checkstar Workshop"

The Magneti Marelli app - "MM Checkstar Workshop"

The location and directing to the selected Checkstar workshop or Magneti Marelli distributor takes place via three options:

1) "Nearest" - navigates to the nearest place taking into account the current location of the device;
2) "Choose from Menu" - navigates to the selected place using the drop-down Menu filtering locations across the continent, country, province and city;
3) "On route" - navigates from the selected place to the destination, indicating the authorized Magneti Marelli Checkstar workshops and distributors in the radius of the route.

Changing the display mode of Workshops / Distributors is done by selecting the appropriate option in the "Settings" menu.

Before using the application for the first time, be sure to download the data necessary to display the Magneti Marelli Checkstar and Distributor workshops.


"MM Warsztaty Checkstar 1.0"

Mobile Appplication for Phones with iOS to download and install on your device




"MM Warsztaty Checkstar 1.0"

Mobile Application for Phones with Android

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