Ултразвукова миялна машина MU-55 Работен капацитет 5,5 л Използваеми размери на ваната 300x280x70 мм

  • Ултразвукова миялна машина MU-55 Работен капацитет 5,5 л Използваеми размери на ваната 300x280x70 мм
  • Ултразвукова миялна машина MU-55 Работен капацитет 5,5 л Използваеми размери на ваната 300x280x70 мм
Производител:Magneti Marelli
Код на продукта:007935018030
kod FCA: 59270749

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Технически новини

Ultrasonic wash

Ultrasonic wash allows to reach maximum cleanness in a time shorter than conventional wash such as manual, jet wash or similar. Ultrasounds effectively remove impurities such as grinding and polish pastes, abrasive, shavings and filings, lubricants and cooling substances.

Ran-Scan digital ultrasonic generator measuring and controling resonant frequency of ultrasonic transmitter. Precise frequency selected by the Ran-Scan system allows to maintain the maximum generator power in various work conditions, i.e. in chageable temperature, wash degassing in a car wash or various imput mass. Ray-Scan system automatically adjusts the generator at short intervals and maintains constant power at the level of 92-100%. Thanks to the Ran-Scan system, Magneti Marelli car washes will be equally effective even after long-term period of use. As execution elements of the power level one applies Modern IGBT transistors which in connection with digital Ray-Scan steering allowed to completely resign from the car wash service personnel. Extension, exchange and service - friendly "EURO" 19 module system is used as an installation standard.

Apart from reduction of a standing wave, Sweep method enables steady work of the device in spite of load, temperature and time changes. In modern washes with a single frequency, complicated systems for frequency tracking are used to reach the best adjustment. Sweep method assures good use of ultrasonic transmitters as well as more even layout of vibration amplitude in the wash.

How do ultrasounds work? High frequency electric current from the generator is trasmitted to the ultrasound transmitter which comprises two piezometric plates as operation elements. The transmitter is fixed to the bottom or the wall of the bath and produces vibrations which are transmitted to the washing fluid. Sudden thickening and thinning of the fluid causes cavitation, based on quick creation and disappearance of vacuum bubbles resulting in the intensive, yet controlled, separation of particles of pollutants within the whole volume of the fluid. Even if the cavitation triggered by the ultrasounds acts intensively, it does not cause any damage of delicate or complicated mechanisms. Washing requires minimum supervision and can be performed by unskilled personnel. Ultrasonic car washes can be easily adapted to applications in batch production when connected to a technology line.

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